How to keep your business facility secure while it’s shut down

Because of the pandemic (COVID19), more and more business is temporarily closing. More than ever now is the best time to protect your company’s reputation. Since your business facility is unoccupied, you have to take safety measure to safeguard your vacant property.  And there are many approaches you can take to rectify possible issues that might threaten your business’s security.

Even when business operation proceeds normally, damage or criminal case can still occur during off-hours when staff are not around. So during shut down, the chances of break-in on your building are pretty high.

Check out these guidelines on how to protect your business office during its shut down to ensure that your belongings and other assets remained untouched or undamaged.

Asses your current security measures

Before you decide on getting additional security protection, check on your current setup and concerns. Start with having a detailed list of employees who has access to the facility. Determine the people who have access to both exterior and interior door locks. If your employees have been laid off or are working from home, check each person if they still have access to the building. It’s best to revoke their access while they are not allowed to report for duty. Access to essential areas, such as accounting and HR, should be limited. Know each person who has access to your food pantry, office clinic, business safes and vaults, file cabinets and other office equipment.

After the assessment, find out if there gaps in your security. Decide on whether you need an upgrade or not. Also, decide on what other security measures that need to be done in order for your assets to be secured while everyone is at their home. If you have other concerns, it would be better if you consult a professional locksmith so you can be guided on what steps are necessary to be done for you to have a peace of mind while business is not operating during this pandemic.

Keep an eye on your business building

Having to see your facility is an effective way to ensure safety. If you still have not placed cameras throughout your facility, then now is the best time to do it. You can also apply an additional feature that would send a signal to your mobile device if there are problems or alarms. With smart security cameras, you are still connected to your building, and you can still see what’s going on.

You can also connect your mobile device to our security alarm system so that if ever one alarm goes off, you will know where it is or when. You can then view the camera near that alarm to check on for possible problem. If something is wrong, you can broaden the alarm and notify the guards on duty to check the issue.

Smart security cameras are more than viewing your office facility. You can also use them to enhance protection on your building.

Take the scheduled regular maintenance

You surely have seasonal maintenance on your office building. If possible, that critical maintenance should not be dropped to avoid putting the building at risk. To secure the premises, turn off all utilities that are needed, such as non-essential appliances and electrical equipment.  Leave the webcams and sensors on. It will help you monitor unusual movement, water flow or heat. Protection systems such as smoke detector and sprinkler should be kept turn on and if possible have them check by your technicians once or twice a week to ensure that these devices are still functioning and nothing’s wrong with them.

Regularly check your building

If you can afford to have someone do a regular round on both the inside and outside your building, that would be good. Have them conduct a walk-through at a different time of the day. An excellent opportunity to inspect is during at night. This is to ensure that all necessary lightings are functioning well.  Weekly inspection should be prioritized during shut down to check for any signs of vandalism, burglary or trespassing. It’s also a great way to check for leaks and other unexpected damage.

Enhancing your security system during shut down can be a challenge. However, it should be done since it’s the only way to ensure that your business property remains secure. Small improvements on your door locks can go a long way. Consider high-quality surety equipment to make up for vulnerabilities, especially if your business facility has broad coverage. There are endless variations and approaches when it comes to taking security measures for any building. There is always something that needs to be done if you want to protect your property. Decide on what needs to be done and get help from a professional.  Stay safe and protect your business.